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Benefits of hiring virtual assistant

Why you should hire our services for your company?

  • No pay roll expense
  • No need to pay for extra benefits
  • No need of office space to accommodate in house team
  • No phone bill (your monthly fees includes that)
  • No commitments or long term contracts
  • Excellent opportunity to hire an assistant if you are deluged with work
  • Our team do all the back end work ensures that you can concentrate more on your business-making new clients, getting more business and so on
  • We employ the assistants with full benefits and compensation saving you the cost of another employee. Our assistant becomes active member of your team!
  • Save even more money by reducing the need to hire, train, develop and maintain a highly skilled administrative Staff.
  • Low cost allows flexibility to spend dollars for additional, concurrent business efforts.

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Additional benefits for RPO Researcher
Below are the few responsibilities your off-site recruiter will fulfill for you apart from above mentioned features
  • Coordinate the Job description and clarification on details needed
  • Job Posting on major job sites
  • Research to locate logical talent pool
  • Check existing database for leads
  • Source to narrow research results
  • Daily Work reports on number of candidates submitted and feedback/status.
  • We have a big pool of experienced and highly trained recruiters.Depending upon the amount of work you have, you can choose to hire 1 or more recruiters.
  • Provide hiring officials with an alternative to posting or traditional advertising
  • Low cost allows flexibility to spend dollars for additional, concurrent recruiting efforts
  • Resumes received will be scrutinized
  • Recruiters will source for all open positions
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Frequently Asked Questions

Explore answers to key queries about how our recruitment agency, Global Virtual Solutions, revolutionizes talent acquisition for your business. From tailored recruitment solutions to leveraging advanced technologies, discover how we optimize workforce strategies for sustained success.

Global Virtual Solutions empowers companies worldwide by providing tailored virtual assistance services. This optimization ensures the right people, in the right place, at the right time, a cornerstone for sustained strategic success.

The key differentiator is the commitment to tailoring services, rejecting a 'one size fits all' approach. Embracing a personal touch, the company delivers highly customized solutions aligned with individual business strategies.

Global Virtual Solutions specializes in harnessing both internal and external talent pools. This holistic approach ensures clients can leverage diverse skill sets, enhancing workforce capabilities within and beyond organizational boundaries.

Global Virtual Solutions prepares organizations for future challenges by leveraging cutting-edge technologies, implementing adaptive strategies, fostering innovation, and providing tailored solutions that enhance resilience and flexibility in the face of evolving business landscapes.

Global Virtual Solutions excels in web engineering, delivering high-performance websites, and specializes in IT Enabled services, optimizing business processes for enhanced efficiency and adaptability.