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About Global Virtual Solutions

GVS is led by founder, Deepak Tripathi (John Davidson)

Led by founder Deepak Tripathi (John Davidson), Global Virtual Solutions brings together a dynamic team with over 20 years of collective experience in senior positions across Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), IT Enabled services, Virtual Assistants, and Web Developmen companies. Our leadership team is dedicated to implementing world-class best practices and fostering a culture of excellence within the organization.


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Virtual Assistants

Our Division Managers and Team Managers contribute to our success with their diverse backgrounds and extensive experience in various industries. With an average tenure of over 2-3 years within Global Virtual Solutions, our managers possess in-depth knowledge.

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Customizing Talent for Superior Performance

Business outsourcing model

With its business outsourcing strategy, Global Virtual Solutions (GVS) provides clients with Virtual Assistants who are committed and well-trained. Using this cutting-edge method, a qualified expert is assigned to work just for the client, functioning as a virtual team member. The virtual worker has undergone extensive training to address the particular demands of the client's account, industrial domains, and any other special needs.

The effectiveness and rapid ramp-up of the Virtual Assistants are the model's main advantages. Pre-trained, they may quickly become fully operational in the client's workflow and begin producing optimal results, usually within a week of being assigned to the client's account. With this quick onboarding procedure, clients may make use of the Virtual Assistant’s talents and knowledge without having to wait around for the lengthy processes that are sometimes involved in traditional hiring and training.

In conclusion, the business outsourcing model offered by GVS is intended to give customers access to committed and trained Virtual Assistants who can seamlessly integrate into their operations, produce optimal results, and offer a financially sensible substitute for conventional employment models. This method offers flexibility, efficiency, and specialized abilities to address each client's demands, making it especially beneficial in the current hard economic climate.


Leading Supplier

The phrase "Leading Supplier" suggests that Global Virtual Solutions wants to lead the virtual help industry rather than just be a participant in it. This implies an emphasis on gaining a substantial market share and a stellar reputation within the sector.

Emphasis on Virtual Assistance

The company's primary service offering, virtual support, is highlighted in the mission statement. This implies that Global Virtual Solutions wants to stand out in this particular industry by being acknowledged and appreciated exclusively for its proficiency in offering virtual support services.

Expanding on Proficiencies

The goal places a strong emphasis on the value of developing competencies. This suggests a dedication to the organization's ongoing skill and capability growth and improvement. To make sure that its staff is on the cutting edge of business trends and best practices, Global Virtual Solutions probably makes investments in technology, processes, and training.

Global Virtual Solutions


Expertise Development

The development of specialized expertise has taken time and effort on the part of Global Virtual Solutions. This knowledge includes an in-depth comprehension of best practices, technology developments, and the virtual help sector. The team members of the organization possess the expertise and abilities required to successfully handle a wide range of business difficulties.

Allocation of Resources

A fundamental component of Global Virtual Solutions' strategy is the intelligent distribution of resources. This covers technology, people resources, and other essential resources. To provide clients with the most value possible, the company makes sure that its resources are optimized, which promotes effectiveness and efficiency in virtual help services.

Improvement of Infrastructure

The infrastructure of Global Virtual Solutions is being improved as part of its evolution. This entails utilizing state-of-the-art technology, putting in place safe and effective processes, and establishing an atmosphere that facilitates the seamless provision of virtual aid services. In a dynamic corporate environment, satisfying the changing expectations of clients requires a strong infrastructure.

Cornerstone Of Core Business

Global Virtual Solutions presents itself as the cornerstone of its clients' main business processes, understanding that time and money are essential resources. The organization enables clients to reallocate their attention and resources towards strategic objectives, hence promoting overall business growth and success, by effectively managing duties through virtual support.

Our Goal

Our Goal at Global Virtual Solutions is to use cutting-edge technology and creative approaches to transform the digital solutions and virtual aid sectors. Our Goal is to be the go-to option for companies looking for dependable and effective virtual help, enabling them to easily accomplish their objectives.

Our Objective

Our Objective is to surpass our clients' expectations by offering unmatched virtual support and digital solutions. Every project we take on is a commitment to our unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and professionalism. through on-going education and modification.


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Finding the Right Fit, Every Time

At Global Virtual Solutions, we understand the importance of finding the perfect match between client needs and virtual assistant capabilities. With our rigorous recruitment process and comprehensive training program, we ensure that our virtual assistants possess the skills, knowledge, and dedication needed to excel in their roles.


Profile The Ideal Candidates

Ideal candidate: Solid education, relevant experience, tech & soft skills. Adaptable leader, a results-oriented team player with strong problem-solving. Maintains high ethics, and builds positive workplace relationships.


Targeted Headhunting

Precise headhunting taps into top-tier professionals, aligning seamlessly with your needs. Our approach blends strategic networking, data-driven methods, and personalization for your organization's success.


Scientific Assessment

Scientific assessment in recruiting utilizes data-driven methods and standardized tools to evaluate candidates objectively, enhancing the precision of hiring decisions and ensuring a more effective match between candidates and positions.