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Elevate your business with Global Virtual Solutions (GVS) — Pioneering tailored virtual assistance for strategic workforce optimization and future-ready success globally.

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Redefine talent acquisition with expert RPO services for success.

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It Enabled efficiency, innovation, and growth for business success.

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Crafting digital excellence through innovative web engineering solutions.

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Leadership Excellence & Expert Teams

Global Virtual Solutions, led by Deepak Tripathi (John Davidson), offers RPO services, premier virtual Virtual Assistants, IT Enabled, and Web Development services. Our expert team ensures excellence through extensive training, and staying current with industry trends. Partner with us for comprehensive and reliable digital solutions.


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Talent Tailored for Success

candidate sourcing

Boost your staff with our focused, methodical approach to finding candidates. We locate elite talent, guaranteeing the effectiveness and triumph of your hiring endeavors.

Database Management

Utilize our skilled database administration to maximize data efficiency. We guarantee secure storage, retrieval, and organization that runs smoothly for improved corporate performance.

job posting

Recruit top people and increase visibility with our smart job posting services. We extend your reach so that qualified candidates are aware of your openings.

web developement

Make a significant impact on the internet with our state-of-the-art web development services. We create beautiful, easy-to-use websites that are optimized for the success of your brand.

data conversion

Utilize our experience with data conversion to unleash the potential of digital transformation. We convert a variety of content with ease, guaranteeing effectiveness and accessibility.

data processing

Utilize our data processing tools to manage and analyze your data more effectively. We guarantee promptness and precision, enabling your company to make well-informed decisions.

form filling

Utilize our form-filling service to streamline processes. We expedite the procedure to guarantee precise and effective data entry, saving you time and boosting output.

Our Team

Meet The Team at Global Virtual Solutions

We're a skilled and dedicated team committed to providing exceptional virtual assistance services. Led by our visionary founder, our diverse talents and expertise ensure personalized solutions for every client. From our experienced managers to our creative virtual assistants, we're here to drive your success.

Deepak Tripathi

Chief Executive Officer

Naimuddin jatu

Director Of Operations


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Finding The Right Fit, Every Time

At Global Virtual Solutions, we understand the importance of finding the perfect match between client needs and virtual assistant capabilities. With our rigorous recruitment process and comprehensive training program, we ensure that our virtual assistants possess the skills, knowledge, and dedication needed to excel in their roles.


Profile The Ideal Candidates

Ideal candidate: Solid education, relevant experience, tech & soft skills. Adaptable leader, a results-oriented team player with strong problem-solving. Maintains high ethics, and builds positive workplace relationships.


Targeted Headhunting

Precise headhunting taps into top-tier professionals, aligning seamlessly with your needs. Our approach blends strategic networking, data-driven methods, and personalization for your organization's success.


Scientific Assessment

Scientific assessment in recruiting utilizes data-driven methods and standardized tools to evaluate candidates objectively, enhancing the precision of hiring decisions and ensuring a more effective match between candidates and positions.

Shaping Futures, One Placement at a Time

our services

Integrated Solutions for Enhanced Performance and Results

Elevate your business with Global Virtual Solutions. From RPO to IT Enablement and Web Engineering, we deliver tailored solutions for success. Experience precision, innovation, and excellence with us.  

Global Virtual Solutions offers a powerful blend of RPO, IT Enabled, Data Processing, and strategic Web engineering services, driving success in the digital age.

RPO Services

RPO services outsource and enhance recruitment processes for efficient and expert-driven hiring.

IT Enable Services

IT Enabled services leverage technology for enhanced business process efficiency.

Data Processing Services

Data processing transforms raw information into actionable insights for analysis and decision-making.

Web Engineering Services

Web engineering services provide comprehensive solutions for designing, developing, and maintaining high-performance and user-friendly websites.

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Since 2010, our company has partnered with Global Virtual Solutions (GVS) for Lead Generation and Candidate Sourcing. We are very impressed with the work they do and have integrated them into our daily workflow process. We consider them our 3rd Shift Virtual Team. We send them our priority list at the end of the day. They work while we sleep. By 8:00am the next morning our Candidate List is ready and we start connecting, networking and calling. GVS is very efficient, reliable and affordable. We can always count on their expert Researchers to deliver quality results. And their communication is excellent. GVS is our “secret weapon”. They allow us to be more competitive and faster to market for our clients. I highly recommend Global Virtual Solutions!


We started working with GVS in 2015 and have worked with them non-stop since then, employing 25 full-time researchers at our peak. Separating research from outreach has given us a crucial competitive advantage that resonates with our clients and translates to better results. By having a dedicated research team, our recruiters focus 100% of their time on outreach, generating more candidates at a great level of quality. The GVS team is a joy to work with. They’re always responsive and reliable and they always act on feedback. Thanks to GVS, our agency was able to scale up our recruitment operation quickly to accommodate growing client demands without missing a beat. I highly recommend GVS as your recruitment research partner for difficult roles. They’re a highly capable group.


Our company has 6 internal Recruiters, but we find it more effective to use Global Virtual Solutions to source candidates. The easy process of emailing Global Virtual Solutions a “search document” one day and receiving a list of candidates the next day makes Global Virtual Solutions indispensable for recruiting qualified candidates. Our Company’s clients require both temporary and direct hire candidates. For temporary jobs, we ask Global Virtual Solutions to search Job Boards. For direct hire candidates, we ask Global Virtual Solutions to search LinkedIn and Boolean searches. They can find candidates quickly. Management of GVS follows up frequently to confirm that their service is superior. Because of my satisfaction, I have referred other staffing companies, which now use their services.


John and the team at Global Virtual Solutions were a dream to work with for my research project in US sports. I recently launched a software application that connects buyers and sellers of sports venue technology into the same platform of tools. We needed to collect information specific to hundreds of vendors, including contact information, logos, and analytics on their company size and inception date. The team at GVS were able to deliver complete results on the project in a handful of days, which would have taken me many weeks. The data that GVS collected was both accurate and complete. Professional, timely, great communicators, and excellent at what they do! I will be using John and his team for more projects in the future. I could not recommend them more.


We have partnered with Global Virtual Solutions for 10 years. As a recruiting firm, our product is people, and the data on those people is constantly changing. With over 200K people in our database and ~20% of them changing jobs each year, keeping our database up to date is very time-consuming. We hire 6 full-time people from GVS who manage all our data integrity, as well as research projects and data entry. Our data is quite complex, and the process of adding and updating that data has many steps. GVS has been incredibly detail-oriented with our complex processes, and in 10 years, they have never missed a day. We simply would not be able to manage our database without them and we are incredibly grateful for the partnership we have.


The GVS team is quick and thorough. We are happy to have them as an extension of our team for the past few years. They have managed many different types of projects from data entry, to investing and collecting data and reporting back results, and even as an acting agent on our behalf doing direct outreach for our internal team. We look forward to continuing our relationship with this team


LMS has had a true partner in GVS for our researching, database management, and other critical needs since 2013 and they are an indispensable part of our recruiting business. One of the things we like about GVS , beyond the quality of their work, is that we have worked with the same core group of teammates the entire time and the tenure has helped us improve the quality and speed of our processing.


Starting my business, I faced challenges sourcing candidates efficiently until partnering with Global Virtual Solutions. Their stable support and effective communication have boosted productivity, particularly in our Recruitment Process Outsourcing division. With the same dedicated Virtual Assistant, I've experienced minimal turnover, saving time on training. I've recommended Global to peers, impressed by their speed, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness compared to other firms.


I have worked with John and his team for over 15 years for all types of outsourced tasks in my different businesses. He and his team are very responsive and competent, with great attention to detail. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs an efficient partner for back-office work!


GVS is a wonderful service, they are accurate, extremely useful and a supportive tool for extracting accurate information. Their service is very easy to use and very trustworthy. I’ve been extremely happy with their service for many years. From A GVS Client of 5+ years from the Financial & Real Estate Sector in US.